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Matthew Gow (Community Facilitator) 5 years ago • updated 4 years ago 7
Supporting cases such as:
  • List all contacts created between July 2010 and November 2011 that are male, under 40 and have no account associated with them
  • List all all accounts that are tagged as "edu", have an "edu type" of "secondary school", order results by most recently updated
The ability to free text search within those results also desirable.

I like the approach taken by the brilliant Mingle product. That could be a jumping off point for us as we design.

Well, we've got a huge distance into this now.
  • You can create very powerful filters on any field and through to the fields on associated records (e.g. show contacts that were created this week AND that are associated with an account that has a name containing "Goldman")
  • You can save advanced searches as named "lists" so you can easily get back to them later.
Two complementary features (which I'll make as separate topics) are desired to come after this
  1. Users can view lists of results in a table format with configurable columns
  2. When users save a "list" the save includes their various view preferences
Steve Kenworthy (Core Team Member) 5 years ago in New features • updated 5 years ago 0
We would like to see fuller support for applications that require API access to FFCRM. This would probably mean extending the permissions system to handle Applications as well as Users. The goal of FFCRM itself is to stay lightweight, customizable and extensible, so integrating other applications via the API is really one of the most important things to get right.

Matthew Gow (Community Facilitator) 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 15
Support through the web configuration of custom fields for contacts, accounts, campaigns etc.
This is largely completed in terms of functionality. However, it is still in progress because...
  • improvements to the UI design for the admin screens are still under discussion
  • A few bugs may yet be lurking so additional QA testing and bug reporting is appreciated
  • We need to write up how this feature works and/or provide a screen cast
Latest UI mockup ideas proposed by Mike Dvorkin (feedback welcome)

Create custom field
Uploaded with Skitch!

Custom fields
Uploaded with Skitch!

A few comments:

  • Instead of horizontal buttons I suggest to show the sidebar and create a menu widget. We can use slightly different colors/shapes to distinguish the menu widget from static "Recent Items" panel.
  • There is no explicit notion or extra step of creating a Field Group. User is entirely focused on creating custom field and nothing else distracts her from this goal.
  • Within [Create Custom Field] form user can a) create or select a group (which is required) and b) create a select group tag (optional). Implementation might be a bit tricky since we want to reload available tags when selecting a group, but I think it's doable.
  • Going forward I think it makes sense to use autocomplete control instead of standard dropdown for "create or select" fields. As I recall there is a fork that does that for Account field in [Create Contact].
  • Listing custom fields is pretty much self-explanatory. There are edit/delete controls shown on mouseover for individual fields and groups. Editing a group invokes a short form with two fields: Group and Group Tag.
  • Expanding/collapsing groups (i.e. clicking on [-] or [+] icon next to group name) is nice to have but not required.
Keith Edmunds 5 years ago in User interface • updated 5 years ago 0
If a task is mistakenly marked as complete, there is no (apparent) way to restore it to incomplete. Suggestion: display the checkbox for completed tasks also, allowing it to be cleared if mistakenly ticked.
Rahul Bansal 4 years ago in New features • updated 4 years ago 5

Hi All,

Is there any way to add files/attachment support on leads/contacts?

Many leads has RFP, NDA docs which better store with leads.

Alos, how it handles emails with attachments?


Under review
Keith Edmunds 5 years ago in User interface • updated by Matthew Gow (Community Facilitator) 5 years ago 1
When converting a Lead to an Account, any information entered in the "Company" textbox on the lead should be copied as the default Account name.
I agree. Our most common use case is that a lead signs up via our web form. The we form captures a variety of detail including contact, account detail, interests and so on. We then do some follow up and we may subsequently wish to convert this material into a contact and/or account. But we don't wish to lose any of the information captured during the lead process.... not just the account name.
Paul Randall 4 years ago in New features • updated by Alessio Graziano 5 months ago 2

I'm installing fat free crm on our centos 5 server at the moment and the yum command to install dependencies works great but when I run "bundle install --without heroku" and I get back: "-bash: bundle: command not found". I am not a Ruby dev and I just can't get any further. It also balks when I try "rake db:create" with the message:

"# rake db:create --trace

(in /var/www/vhosts/

rake aborted!

no such file to load -- bundler/setup

/var/www/vhosts/ `require'


/var/www/vhosts/ `require'


/var/www/vhosts/ `require'


/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rake.rb:1828:in `load'

/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rake.rb:1828:in `load_rakefile'

/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rake.rb:1900:in `run'


The installation documentation seems a little sparse. Not a criticism as such it's just I am guessing you are aiming at other people who are more familiar with Installing Ruby apps than I am.

Please any tips would be great as I am really impressed with FFCRM.

Keith Edmunds 5 years ago in User interface • updated by rordevelopers 3 years ago 1
The "Quick find" box requires the user to select which category to search (contact, accounts, etc). I'd like to see a global search, selected by default, that searches all contexts for the entered string.
Tech ubiquitous 4 years ago • updated by Jason Lake 3 years ago 1
I am trying to Implement Dropbox functionality using the guide from I entered all the required details as below in the settings.yml file

  :server  : ""  # IMAP server name.
  :port  : "993"  # IMAP server port number.
  :ssl  : ""  # True for secure IMAP connection, false othewise.
  :address  : ""  # Dropbox email address.
  :user  : ""  # User to login to the IMAP server.
  :password  : "password"  # Password to login to the IMAP server.
  :scan_folder  : "inbox"  # Folder to scan for dropbox messages.
  :attach_to_account  : ""  # Attach emails to contact's account, if any.

after running the rake ffcrm:dropbox:setup command I am getting the belwo error

OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError: hostname does not match the server certificate

I have tried to change the Actionmailer settings with

<code>:openssl_verify_mode  =>'none'</code>
but still no luck, I am not getting what exact settings I am missing,
But when I tried to use the gmail imap settings it worked properly. But I can not use gmail because they block the emails generating from other sources.

Any help will be a great relief

Keith Edmunds 5 years ago in User interface • updated by Matthew Gow (Community Facilitator) 5 years ago 2
Accounts tab, display an account. The address details at the top of the sidebar on the left have blanks lines shown. This appears to be because the Doctype is HTML, but the <br> tags have closing </br> tags, which isn't valid HTML (I believe, although I'm not certain, that it's valid XML). Removing the closing tags fixes the problem (Chrome browser; not tried others).
Resolved in latest git